Retreat Schedule

This workshop is non-residential with a light vegetarian lunch. There is no charge but a contribution to cover the monastery’s costs would be appreciated.

To make a booking fill out the booking form below  

This Workshop is subjected to COVID-19 Guidelines

1. Total attendance for each workshop is limited to 15 meditators in order to comply with the rules of the 4-sqm distance for indoor gatherings.

2. Attendees are required to pre-register online. Places will be allocated on a first-in first-served basis. Selected participants will be notified via e-mail.
The link to register is:

3. Participants are to mark attendance in the register provided before entering the hall.

4. Participants are to maintain 1.5m personal distancing while in the hall.

5. In keeping with guidelines for serving food under COVID-19, participants will be offered a vegetarian lunch. Hot water for tea is provided.

6. The participants are urged to sanitise their hands regularly and to wear masks. (Masks and Hand Sanitisers are supplied)

7. The monastery urges you to refrain from attending the workshop in person if you have any sickness or COVID-19 symptoms on the day even if you are registered. (see Booking Form below)

Until further notice, due to COVID-19, 10-day Vipassana Retreats are on hold.

Mindfulness Meditation Mentoring with Ven Pannyavaro at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery

Meditation InterviewAvailable to meditators who have or are willing to make a commitment to the practice of Satipatthana Vipassana in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition. Mindfulness meditation mentoring is being offered by Ven. Pannyavaro (Pannya) Founder and resident teacher at Bodhi Tree Monastery

Selective students will be taken on with personal instruction and mentoring on a one-to-one basis. To qualify for this unique experience one must be prepared to follow instructions and be unreservedly committed to the practice over the long term.

The decision as to who will be accepted will be made by the teacher who has been a Vipassana practitioner since 1974, having studied and undertaken long periods of intensive practise with teachers in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition in Myanmar.

Potential students who are interested can contact Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Vipassana Retreat Centre, located at Tullera, 7 minutes from Lismore, and make an appointment either by phone (02) 6628 2426 or email

Book and CD on Vipassana Retreat
The book “The Vipassana Retreat” with an audio CD, by Ven. Pannyavaro
is available by donation from


For all retreats and workshops:

Please read the Course Information and download the Booking Form below and either email or post it to: Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery 78 Bentley Road, Tullera via Lismore NSW 2480.

PDF: Word Doc: Retreatant Booking Form

Word Doc: Retreatant Booking Form

PDF Retreatant_Course_Information

Word Doc: Retreatant Course _Information Map with Directions to Bodhi Tree PDF (399 KB)

No charge is made for Bodhi Tree Retreats and Workshops. The cost is covered by donations or Dana.

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