Building Projects

3rd stage of Retreat Build – ‘Satipatthana Lodge’

  • Permission (Development Application) has been granted to build a Retreat Complex in eight stages on the Tullera plateau at Bodhi Tree Monastery: a meditation hall, dining room, kitchen, a two-room teacher’s cottage, and accommodation units with bathhouses for forty-four meditators.
  • The first and second stages of the project are finished: a multipurpose hall, the pagoda, and a two-bedroom unit with an en suite for people with disabilities giving wheelchair access.
  • The third stage of the Retreat Complex involves building a 6-bedroom unit with two to a room for twelve meditators.

  • This building is on hold due to rising costs of building materials and new building code requirements. However, it is at the lockup stage – when all the windows and the doors are installed, they are secure, and the external cladding is on.
  • The funds needed to complete the double-room accommodation unit, including two external bathhouses, furnishing for the rooms and repair of the access road, is $AUS 150,000. This will allow us to restart residential retreats.

  • The Next Building Project: a four-room double-bedroom accommodation unit for eight meditators. This would increase the number of participants for a viable residential retreat with the teacher, manager, cooking staff and twenty-two meditators.
  • We offer this unique opportunity for donors to make ‘merit’ by contributing towards this project, as your donation will benefit generations of meditators who come to practice Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation at Bodhi Tree Monastery.

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Ven. Pannyavaro  (Founder & Resident Monk)

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Sima Hall Construction

Photos of the construction work on the six-bedroom accommodation unit.
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