About Bodhi Tree

Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Vipassana Retreat Centre was founded in 2005 by Venerable Pannyavaro (Pannya), an Australian monk with over 38 years of service.

Pannyavaro spent many years studying and practising in Burma and Sri Lanka and received higher ordination in the Thai tradition. He is better known as the founder and webmaster of the websites: BuddhaNet.net www.buddhanet.net, World Buddhist Directory: www.buddhanet.info/wbd/ Buddhist eLibrary: www.buddhistelibrary.org

At Bodhi Tree, we are working on developing a meditation community to serve both lay and monastic practitioners on ninety-five acres of beautiful land at Tullera, ten minutes from Lismore in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia. Known as Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Vipassana Retreat Centre.

View of Bodhi Tree


We appeal to members of the  national and international Buddhist community for financial help
towards the development of Bodhi Tree Monastery.


Volunteer Positions Vacant

The following volunteer position is vacant as of January 2024. When applying, please be sure that you can commit! Ground Maintenance Bush regeneration work Tree planting Mowing Brush cutting: This is not a paid position. Outside of working hours, you can access our library facilities and guidance about Dharma and meditation. Please contact us with enquiries or expressions of interest.

Rainforest Restoration

When we acquired the land, it was run down and degraded, which required a massive effort to remove invasive weeds and trees and prepare the land for planting. As there was very little regeneration of the native rainforest, we have had to resort mainly to revegetation. This short video is a sample of revegetation at Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery with new plantings and views of the endemic subtropical rainforest we have established since 2006. Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery Koala Habitat Restoration Since 2012, Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery has restored approximately 6 hectares as a viable Koala habitat. Of the 1500 koala food trees planted, the “Friends